Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

New Year eve is few hours from now. I have not yet started of preparing for later celebration. Anyways, I love the morning today for it will be the last for this year and I started thinking the experiences I had for the past 12 months. This year has been generous to me in a way that there are a lot of blessing that came my way. Being able to find job after leaving my previous work is one of them. Having a very supportive family who is always been there for me especially during bad times. They know how to turn the wheel upside down. A loving partner who really care, listen and understand me. Because of these reason, I can say I am a better person now.

Dec 29, 2010

Good Morning

I feel sleepy right now. Just got home from work. Its very tiring specially when you don't like what your doing. It feels like I'm wasting my time. Need to find new work to develop my skills. I can't see myself being nurtured here in my present job. Probably, I will just finish my contract and I'm out. Though I learn something everyday, it seems that I wont be able to use it in the future.

That's it for today. :)

Dec 25, 2010

Google Docs

Woohoo! Thanks to google doc. I am able to create my documents without installing microsoft office or open office. I'm been using this for a while now and so far I'm very satisfied. My latest discovery is for google spreadsheet. I accidentally replace my saved file with a draft. Thought there's no way to retrieve it since it has automatically saved my new file. The undo button only works if there is a change with the spreadsheet itself. What happened to me was I uploaded a draft and selected the "replace current spreadsheet". Good thing there is a REVISION HISTORY where you can see the recent changes that happened to your worksheet. I was able to retrieved my dear file. THANKS GOOGLE!!

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays everyone. Let's celebrate the birth of our dear savior Jesus Christ. Don't forget to share happy moments to your love ones. Set aside the differences and hatred for today is a special day to share love to  everyone. Though its better to share love even if its not Christmas. Anyways, it is time for me to eat and bond with my family. Happy Holidays again everyone.

Dec 15, 2010

Weekend comes near and I smell beer party again.
Malapit na sweldo at malamang dme nnmn invitation from friends pra mgupdate sa mga ngyayari sa buhay buhay.
Probably, Ill just set a get together with my high school friends. It's been awhile nrn since last time na ngkita kits kme. I must admit na iba tLga ang samahan sa high school. Life is not the same without me knowing them. Hinde ko mararanasan mahold sa presinto dahil sa aLak. I've learned so many things about life because of them. I learned how to appreciate small things.

Hope to see my friends. Wish they feel the same.. :)

Dec 14, 2010


Every story will come to an end. It's up to you how to live the lesson you learned from it.

Zombie Mode

Its nice to be on graveyard shift again. It felt like the world turned its downside on you. No traffic, no sleep, too quite in the street, bad guys everywhere. Good thing I was able to get to work safely. Got to meet new people in production. Time really flies when you're having fun. Hours passed by so quickly I didn't notice that it is almost end of my shift.

And now I feel sleepy.  zZzZzzz...

Dec 11, 2010

Love or Hate | Mikoko

It started when Mikoko and his colleagues decided to celebrate a special occasion. Mikoko has a girlfriend, Yeska,  who he really loves so he always makes sure that he don't do things that would hurt her. They had an issue before regarding Mikoko going out with his friends, that is why he invited Yeska to meet his friends and know them better. They agreed to go to the party together and came just in time. Mikoko introduced Yeska to everyone to make her feel comfy and she was very polite to them. Everybody is enjoying the moment, some are dancing,others are just chatting and some are not so drunk that they almost lost their Consciousness. Mikoko borrowed his girlfriend's cellphone for no particular reason and decided to check her messages then returned the phone. Mikoko became silent for awhile and the fun continued. Before the end of the party, he approached Yeska and asked about exchange of messages between her and her X-boyfriend. Though, this fomer boyfriend is a common friend of the two, Mikoko didn't understand why there were such message. Yeska had no answer to Mikoko's concern that made him angry about the situation. On their way home, Mikoko didn't talk to Yeska and still bothered by the messages which read:

Yeska: Hi friend.. How are you?
X: I am good. How about you?
Yeska: Are you free tonight? Let's drink in your place. I'll sleep over there.
X: As if you asked permission to Mikoko?
Yeska: I'm gonna tell him that you invited me.
X: Is that really you.
Yeska: Ofcourse its me friend.
X: What has gotten into you?
Yeska: Why? This is just me when I make drama.
conversation continued


When they got home, Mikoko was very pissed about the situation and Yeska tried to please her boyfriend. She apologised to what she has done and said didn't intended to do it. However, Mikoko was very firm about breaking up with Yeska. He didn't know what to do because all in his head was her girlfriend wanted to spent the night with his X and worst thing was she's willing to lie to Mikoko just to get through.
Yeska asked forgiveness for what she has done and promised that she will be a good girlfriend. Eventually, Mikoko's love conquered his hatred and forgave Yeska.

Yeska really loves Mikoko so much to the point that she could have done horrible things if she has lost Mikoko.

Dec 10, 2010

Chill while earning

Pakshet! Ayaw na gumana ng headset ng phone ko. I don't know what happened but it was working last night. Kelangan q pa 2Loy mnghiram ng headset sa iba. Sadly, wLa aq nhiraman ng headset so I decided na cellphone nLng hiramin ko. Good thing, mabaet nmn mga ksma ko sa office kya nka pgsound trip prn khit panu. Magandang gawain pra magsunog ng oras. Although pwede nMn mg internet buong mghapon as Long as willing ka rn magkaroon ng Incident report which can lead to suspension or worst, Termination. :D
Madame na kme oras pra mgPAYtiks unlike nun mga first few months ng training na over sa dme ng ginagwa at prang high school Lng na puro exams.

As of the moment, chill Lng ako whiLe earning.. :D

Dec 6, 2010

Virgin 2nd

What a great day! Last night, before I went to bed, I watched this series called Virgin 2nd. Just found it on youtube and most of the characters were all beautiful girls. The title itself got me interested cause I first thought it was something a nympho series in youtube but it wasn't. It was a ten episode series about competition between girls to be the top hostess in the place. The winner will get the 1 billion yen(i think) as the ultimate prize aside from top hostess title. Every episode got me hooked and there were some exciting moments that's why I didn't sleep untiL I finished it. Though, I slept very late, I was very satisfied with the series, aside from the fact that they are beautiful, I learned something from the story that I would apply to my life. :D

Dec 2, 2010

PAYtiks Mode

 PAYtiks mode. As usual, we don't have much to do. We are asked to read one module today regarding a certain topic that will be discuss later this afternoon. It was just an eight slide powerpoint presentation and we  were given the whole day to read it. Because of this, we have plenty of time to burn again that is why I'm writing again. I just notice just now, it's very tiring when your not doing anything. Probably, that's why all of us are trying to be busy. Some of my colleagues are having fun with each other. Some are making fun of one another. Some monitors their facebook account. Some enjoy playing flash games. Some are busy texting, chatting and reading manga online.

Nov 25, 2010

Life is just story waiting to be told

Naisip ko Lng to pra icomment s friend ko s FB. I just realize na tama nga to in a way, kasi hinde nMn nten aLam kung anu ending nten and tayo bhLa kng panu tatakbo ang kwento ng buhay nten. :)

Let us all make our story remarkable!

Nov 11, 2010

Pacquiao VS Margarito

ALright! The is coming near. Pustahan nnmn. :D"
San ba meron live streaming ng lban ni Pacquiao?

Nov 6, 2010

PLST MyDSL Connection

Here is my latest speedtest result. So far OK pa nmn connection. I'm currently subscribe to plan 1299.


Hi! Meron ba nakakaaLam kng panu itweak ung download speed ng PLDT mydsl? OK, naman result ng speedtest ko pero pgngddownload aq ng files specially large files like game client, 100Kbps Lng ang top download ko. Ang aLm ko pede to mconfigure kaso nde ko aLm kng panu.

Oct 28, 2010

Smartbro Sucks!

Finally, I got smartbro disconnected. Now, let's try PLDT  myDSL. We managed to get a connection after 3 days of request. So far the service is good. Hope it'll last before the lock-in period. We already have a phone line so we decided to just apply for plan 1,299 with has 768Kbps top connection.

I'll Keep you updated with their service. =))

Oct 10, 2010

Smartbro error=1033

Its been almost a month now since i started calling the smartbro tech and until now they can't do anything to fix our connection problem. I even gone it wireless center but still no luck. SMART CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST!

I tried to call again this morning because I just want to know the "error=1033" that has been showing up in my browser whenever I try to open it. I've checked security settings and my ip and I know its a good IP. Tried rebooting the pc and shareit but it doesn't work. Thought asking the agent about the error is a good idea. However, I spent several minutes again on the phone just to get an answer for this error=1033. I was so frustrated that I had to ask for a supervisor but instead of the supervisor to me during the call, I was asked to wait for they're call. WTH!!! Is this how you deal with your customers?

I don't trust them anymore because I was already dealing with
their broken commitments for many weeks now.

Anyway after spending more or less 20 minutes on the phone I finally
got the answer, "error=1033" indicates that there is an ongoing
maintenace. I am not sure if this is just on a base station or
nationwide. The weird thing is, I can do ping without any lost.
I am not sure not if what they said is true or just reasoned out. AGAIN! For all the people reading this. I DO NOT RECOMMEND SMARTBRO!

**thanks for the connection problem I got time to create such
post again. too bad need to wait to put it online.

Oct 4, 2010

Cosplay Mania SMX

Finally, I was able to attend the Cosplay Mania which was held in SMX. It was a two day event of fun and exitement. Most of cosplayers joined this event to show off their fantastic costumes and attitude. Some of the characters were unfamiliar but most of them were on my expected list. :) Here are some pictures.. ENJOY!!

Oct 3, 2010

SmartBro Share it SUCKS!

I just to share my experience with smartbro.. I've been encountering problem since we change our service from canopy to share it.. from slow to intermittent connection but we managed to find resolution for this.. But lately, this problem became a pain in the *** up to the point that we need to get in touch to the customer support. I really thought this was a great idea cause they will be able to determine the cause of the issue. Unfortunately, I spent several minutes on the phone with a CSR and ended the call with unsolved issue. This became a routine for me (calling them every night just to follow up my report) for the past half month. I've talked to several agent and supervisors as well but every call I made just ended up with a very disappointing feeling.

Here are some problems with their service.
1. Base station bandwidth.. They don't upgrade the this but keep on adding customers.
2. They don't send out tech to check the customer's premise. They keep on saying they will check it on the base station and if its ok it could be on the network so they need to escalate the concern to the network support group and they will tell you to observe the connection within 24 hrs again and again and again..
3. They don't know how to commit. Even the supervisors ( Walter and Phil) I spoke to told me that they will give us update regarding our issue.However, they did not..

These are my personal experiences with the service that's why I DO NOT RECOMMEND SMARTBRO This is the worst service that we had and now we're ready to drop this service. BTW, the lock on period of the service is 24 months. And there is an early termination fee if you decided to stop the service. So if you really want to apply, think twice. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

May 11, 2010

Election 2010

TPOS n an Liqour Ban and its been a week n ata since Last post ko.. Anyways, for the 2nd time around bumoto uLt aQ.. D q matandaan un 1st pro bumoto aq  xMpre, dhiL responsibility to biLang iSang Pilipino sKa gs2 kong voter's Id, sadly after few years wLa pRn.. aLam nio b my hinangaan aq nun  election.. Isang volunteer n may cerebral palsy, actually this man reminds me of JOSH Blue of Last Comic Standing,(kng d nio xa kiLaLa hNapin nio kY paReng YOUTUBE..) 2mulong xa s mga botante in a way n xa an nGaaYuz ng piLa sKa ngguide s mGa tao kNg san ppnTa.. sYng waLa aq daLa camera o cellphone man Lng pRa maipost ko mGa piX d2.. nUn uNa mejo wierd Lng ung feeling n mkkita ng gnun n ngaassist s mga tao.. Saludo dn aq s knya dHiL kHit mata2Lim aNg mGa maTa n nkatingin s knya d xa nawa2lan ng loob at 2loy prn xa pgi2ng volunteer.. Anyways, 2Loy pRn an biLangan at infairness mabilis an tLga an pRocess nAun, sNa Lng wLang daYaan n mngYari kHit my mGa bLita n my iLang n na nagtangkang guLuhin an eLection.. SNA my mangyari mganda s pgboto nten naun.. sNa mAtiNo at my ka2yahang maLead an su2nod n pResidenTe..sNa mGing maunLad an piLipiNas gYa ng iBang bNsa.. SNA n Lng Sna..

May 2, 2010

Liqour Ban

OYEAH! Ayon Comelec Resolution 8730, ipinagbabawal ang pagbebenta, pagbigay, paginom, pagbili o pagda2la ng alak kahit saang lugar ng bansa sa May 9 - May 10 2010. Bad trip to s mGa ngba2Lak mgOuting at iCelebrate an Holiday LaLu s mGa toMador at sUnog Baga. Actually, pde nmn kau uminom ng alak s May 9-10. Bsta Ok Lng senio an parusa.. 1-6 years s bilangguan at mwa2lan k ng karapatang bumoto s 2016.. hehe!

Anu tsong, Bad trip kb? Kng keLan hoLiday sKa p nGkaroon ng Liquor Ban.
S mGa ngba2Lak pRn uMinom ng aLak s 9-10 Goodluck nLng! :)

Apr 25, 2010


Finally, I was able to buy a cute dog(Schnauzer). Cguro cute to xe baby pa. At gaya ng title n to, Schnauzer is the breed of my chosen dog. Here are her pictures. :D

Apr 5, 2010

Installing Windows without CD-ROM or Floppy

Alright! I have a new task to learn.. Panu mginstall ng windows XP sa Acer Aspire notebook..Take note, wala tong CD-ROM or Floppy disk.. Actually, I did a little research n about d2.. According to forums at ky kua google, possible to in such a way n either install ko un windows via network or using a flash drive or buy aq ng external CR-ROM n nde ko nmn ga2win xe nde nmn sken un notebook.. Hassle nmn kng ga2stos p q e nde nmn sken un notebook.. Anyways, try ko installan via network dahil meron nmn working CD-ROM s desktop ko.. Update ko nLng kAU uLt..


Apr 2, 2010

Dog for Sale

 I decided to buy a dog s cartimar pra lng itry mg breed..Na-try ko n mgalaga ng Daschand o un aso n mhaba n prng hotdog. kSo ngkaroon ng bata s bahay kya ipaalaga nLng muna s iba.. naun malaki n un Pangkin ko, nde n naibalik un aso nmen.. Meron aq naun askal, product ng chow2 ska askal. Cguro dhil lalako un askal, s knya nkuha ng aso ko ung dugo.. Xa un my trick n sit + Hi-5.. Gs2 ko bilin sana naun is chow2 kso prang malaki ata un ska mxado mbalahibo.. mainit s bahay nmen kya mlamang pleng taglagas un chow2 n bi2lin ko.. Yorkie nmn mxadong mahal, prng ginto an price.. Shitzu mejo common n mkkta s MOA.. prospect ko naun is pomerenian.. xe mgda ung tsura nia ska d d mxado mlki.. although hairy dn.. pro Lets see.. I keep this post updated...

Mar 22, 2010

To Buy Or Not To Buy

3 araw n q ngiisp kung bibili ko ng aso at mg start mgbreed. An problema wla aq alm mxado s aso at askal plge an inaalagaan ko.. Pero infairness s aso ko, marunong xa ng tricks, gaya ng fetch and shake hands, pro an pinaka gs2 ay sit then appear! Ayuz DB! upo muna bgo hi-5.. hehe!

Mgha2nap muna ko ng guide ky kua Google pra s pgbili ko ng aso.. Let's see kng anu mabi2li ko.. hopefully this week dn! ciao :)