Oct 10, 2010

Smartbro error=1033

Its been almost a month now since i started calling the smartbro tech and until now they can't do anything to fix our connection problem. I even gone it wireless center but still no luck. SMART CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST!

I tried to call again this morning because I just want to know the "error=1033" that has been showing up in my browser whenever I try to open it. I've checked security settings and my ip and I know its a good IP. Tried rebooting the pc and shareit but it doesn't work. Thought asking the agent about the error is a good idea. However, I spent several minutes again on the phone just to get an answer for this error=1033. I was so frustrated that I had to ask for a supervisor but instead of the supervisor to me during the call, I was asked to wait for they're call. WTH!!! Is this how you deal with your customers?

I don't trust them anymore because I was already dealing with
their broken commitments for many weeks now.

Anyway after spending more or less 20 minutes on the phone I finally
got the answer, "error=1033" indicates that there is an ongoing
maintenace. I am not sure if this is just on a base station or
nationwide. The weird thing is, I can do ping without any lost.
I am not sure not if what they said is true or just reasoned out. AGAIN! For all the people reading this. I DO NOT RECOMMEND SMARTBRO!

**thanks for the connection problem I got time to create such
post again. too bad need to wait to put it online.