Oct 3, 2010

SmartBro Share it SUCKS!

I just to share my experience with smartbro.. I've been encountering problem since we change our service from canopy to share it.. from slow to intermittent connection but we managed to find resolution for this.. But lately, this problem became a pain in the *** up to the point that we need to get in touch to the customer support. I really thought this was a great idea cause they will be able to determine the cause of the issue. Unfortunately, I spent several minutes on the phone with a CSR and ended the call with unsolved issue. This became a routine for me (calling them every night just to follow up my report) for the past half month. I've talked to several agent and supervisors as well but every call I made just ended up with a very disappointing feeling.

Here are some problems with their service.
1. Base station bandwidth.. They don't upgrade the this but keep on adding customers.
2. They don't send out tech to check the customer's premise. They keep on saying they will check it on the base station and if its ok it could be on the network so they need to escalate the concern to the network support group and they will tell you to observe the connection within 24 hrs again and again and again..
3. They don't know how to commit. Even the supervisors ( Walter and Phil) I spoke to told me that they will give us update regarding our issue.However, they did not..

These are my personal experiences with the service that's why I DO NOT RECOMMEND SMARTBRO This is the worst service that we had and now we're ready to drop this service. BTW, the lock on period of the service is 24 months. And there is an early termination fee if you decided to stop the service. So if you really want to apply, think twice. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!